Live Ping a Server by IP Find

Following is the example of ping test response against IP Find
Ping# IP/Domain Packet Response Time Living Time/TTL Data Lost
1 ( 64 bytes 437 ms 58 false
2 ( 64 bytes 350 ms 58 false
3 ( 64 bytes 471 ms 58 false
4 ( 64 bytes 597 ms 58 false
5 ( 64 bytes 340 ms 58 false
6 ( 64 bytes 542 ms 58 false

What is a ping test and why we need it ?

A ping test is a procedure to test computer or system is connected to a network internet. It also used to find the latency or delay between two computers or networks. It assure you that a host computer/network which your computer/network tries to access is operating. A ping test is run to determine issues of connectivity as well as response time & packet.


This tool pings a server to find out if it's online or not. By this tool get rid of laptops or pc you can ping test from your mobile phone too


Ping utility sends ICMP packets to the destination address and gives an outside view of your server's response time, which allows you to track down any possible problem.

To check if a computer is on the internet, enter the IP address of that computer into the search bar above and press enter, the ping utility will send 6 ICMP packets to the computer and will show the results by input & query.

How Ping Test Tool Works ?

This free online IP find ping test tool takes any IPV4 internet protocol address or domain name as input string and generates a query against given IP or domain. Query generates an output response of 6 ping requests which tells the ping count 1 to 6, given input, packets, latency, TTL, data lost or not.